Tuesday, August 12, 2008


About a month ago I signed up to get a Renuzit TriScents air freshener. When I received my package I was so excited that I snapped a photo of it. Then I immediately plugged it in.
After a few minutes we could smell it.
We have a living room and dining room combo and that's where I plugged it in. I figured it's the largest room where we do the most and it is the room you walk into. And the best way to "change" your house is to add smell! Not to mention it really freshens up the whole house. sometimes at night I can smell it up in the hallway. It's lovely! I got the Morning Meadow scents. Each time the scent changes I find myself going "whoa! that smells good". I would recommend anyone who likes their house to smell good to get one! I keep meaning to buy another one for upstairs. You can go to the website and print a coupon and get your own starter kit. Also on that site are some "transforming tips" from Tanya Meme. (I got a print out version in my package) It has some wonderful ideas and hints for changing your house to look (and smell) the way you want! Go check it out!
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