Friday, December 5, 2008

few and far between.

My posts here have been few and far between haven't they? It's that time of year I think. For thanksgiving we went and visited my Grandma. It was a great relaxing weekend for all of us. The kids got to sled ride on the same hill I used to when I was younger.

While there I finished an amigurumi for my niece for Christmas. isn't He cute? it's from one of those Japanese books I've got. (which I told my DH I'd like book 5 & 6 for Christmas)

When we got back I started a Hat for a little guy I know. (he's a son of friends of ours) His birthday is coming up and I know he loves star wars. The whole time I've been making it my DH has been bugging me for a storm trooper hat... so I think to surprise him for Christmas (if I have time) I'll make him one. I didn't know he's be so obsessed with it. Seriously!

Here's my month of November in one mosaic. (at least my project 365 photos that is.) So you can see what I've been up to. Well I've got lots to finish. I just wanted to check back in and tell ya'll I'm alive! I'll be back soon I promise.. (for those of you who still read my blog that is)

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