Friday, December 12, 2008

It's official.

Our tree is decorated all the way to the top with a nice bright star to light the way!
This weekend we have a great one planned.
Saturday Night My husband and I are going with some friends to see Fireproof. I'm super excited my family (sister, mom and dad) said it was really good. And this is the first time it's been around here. It's actually in a really cool theater around here they have a great cheap date. They wait a little longer to get the movies but it usually is well worth it. It's not very often you can see a movie with popcorn and dinner for $30. I'm wondering if they're going to get House. I'd like to see that movie as I love Ted Dekker's books. and i love a good scary movie.

Then Sunday we're going to friend's to celebrate 2 of their son's birthdays. For the one he love star wars and I knit him this hat. It has all kinds of star wars guys on it and of course says "may the force be with you" around the bottom. I fear it's going to be a little big on him but I'm sure he'll like it regardless. The inside looks a little crazy. But the yarn I used was really soft so it shouldn't bother him. I had ribbing on the bottom but then the hat would've been way way way tooo big so i folded it up and sewed it down so when he gets bigger he can take that out and still use the hat. The whole time I was knitting it my DH was pestering me for one. So I think I may have to surprise him and make him a star wars hat. actually he'd really like a storm trooper hat. so I told him after Christmas I'd make him one. but secretly I'm going to try and make it for Christmas.
Oh the joy of gift giving. I love it so much!
speaking of gifts If I don't get cracking no-one is getting anything... of to work!


jessica said...

oh i bet you'll have fun. That theater sounds way cool! Love that hat too! Its so fun knitting in secret for those in your family... Have fun and good luck!

Pamela Foreman said...

Love the hat! Great job! The tree looks great! I understand having posts few and far between. Life has just been too busy lately!