Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ummm is the laundry done?

So I like to make things. (as if that's news) Though this week and last, I've been a little slow on the projects. I have been reading (actual reading not listening to books on CD) I did, how ever, finish this scarf for a friend. Her birthday was Sat and we were going to her house on Sun. So this simple seed stitch scarf was the perfect gift to knit. I used Limari by Aruacania it's a Merino/Alpaca/Silk blend. Just Lovely! I actually finished knitting it on Saturday and had enough time to block the scarf. My friend was really excited to open the gift and said she needed a scarf. (and it's getting cold this week) so it was the Perfect gift!
Friday at sit and knit I was talking with a friend and she'd gotten the cutest Bull Terrier beads/trinkets (I'm not sure what) off of ebay. She was asking me about how I made stitch markers and where I got the stuff. For Christmas I made some knitting bling for the ladies I teach and a few other ladies. (I forgot to take photos) They went over really well! So while I was explaining what and where I got the stuff to make them I offered to throw together some stitch markers for her. So today, I finally had some time to sit down and put them together. They turned out really cute. I used only one bead with them just to add something "extra". So what do you think? I've been pondering making up a few sets of Knitting Bling and putting them on my etsy site. I'll have to get on that soon... LOL ... I keep saying that. (one day I'll just sit down and do it)

Until then I'll just share with ya'll what I've made here on my blog.


jessica said...

Super cute stitch markers! I love the scarf too, those colors are great!

Marisol said...

Gosh these are so dang cute! I am sure your friend will love them!