Saturday, February 28, 2009

busy busy

soo a quick update on the Star Knits front:

I've been totally enthralled with our new Wii Fit! we got it on Tuesday and I've been playing it since. I love it. and it totally KICKS my butt! I snapped a photo of my DH trying it out with his snowboarding game. It's pretty cool I'm still not good with the games though.

and on the crafty front. I'm feeling the sewing bug coming on. Like I've been finding myself looking at my fabric and thinking about sewing. I even brought down my sewing machine. But I haven't started on anything.

I've picked up a few more classes starting this past week.
Monday afternoon and Tuesday Night I have my crochet classes. I created a crochet sampler block for them. It's a few squares that each week I walk them through the basic stitches and by the end I'll teach them joining and finishing. as they go through the week they're supposed to make extra squares for practice so as they go they're almost at a lap blanket at the end of the class. (it's a 4 week class) The sampler is displayed at the store. I'm pondering an Amigurumi class. but it's still in it's planning stages.
Along with my crochet classes I have Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday night knitting classes. So as you can see I've been really busy. But it's a good busy and I really enjoy it. I've just got to find a sitter for Thursday night.
As for knitting I've finished my sleeves for my cabled sweater. (it's supposed to be a hoodie) So I'm excited to get going on the body of the sweater.
and last but not least
I signed up for Sock Wars IV . It's looking to be better than last year. SO I'm super excited! go ahead and sign up for yourself! it should be fun.

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Pamela Foreman said...

So not far you have the Wii Fit! We've been trying to get it for weeks! It looks like fun!

I love the crochet blocks. Can you send me the patterns? LOL! You know I'd be at the class if I lived there.

Can't wait to see the finished sweater. It looks pretty!