Friday, February 20, 2009


I got my package today! it totally made my day. My partner Marisol sent me a wonderful package. look at everything that was inside, she really spoiled me.
She gave me a Page a day calendar from The Yarn Harlot. 2 beautiful skeins of Interlacements sock yarn. It's just lovely. My fave chocolate covered espresso beans and some lovely Biscotti.
a great journal with pockets inside a fun chocolate trivial pursuit game. And the coffee! it just smells delicious! She picked out some Sumatra Blue Batak from Peet's Coffee. I can't wait to try it tomorrow morning. I would try it now but I just made a pot of coffee and I don't want to waste it.

Thank you so much Marisol! The package was wonderful and I love it! I can't wait till you get your package.

1 comment:

Marisol said...

Yummy, yummy for the tummy:) Let me know what you do witht he trivial pursuit before you eat it. does it really work well as a game? It thought it would be fun:D

Glad you liked your coffee love swap goodies!