Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Letters

The other day while the girls were coloring in their coloring books they found these empty dear Santa pages and proceeded to write their letters to Santa. they're so cute I just had to share them here! This will help my family get some ideas of what they'd like.
The Bub's (the one on the left) says:
I want to get nintendogs chiwowa and friends, I want zoo tycoon 1. I also want an MP3 player (we got her an mp3 player and also a zoo friends game) and I really want to see you this year. Maybe I could get some pink, blue and orange yarn. (she has been knitting scarves and making toys) I also want a real live horse. (we told her our yard wasn't big enough)

The Bead's was translated by the bub from scribbles her says:
I want a zebra bath toy, I want a bob the builder toy too (the workbench kind of toy) I want a camera,(we got her a really cool camera for kids) I want the land of the Lost movie (not going to happen as it's not the type for kids) I want to see you this year, I want a brother, I want a nice sister, I want a happy new year. I want a happy family. (i think that she was a little mad that she wasn't letting her do it the way she wanted)

Pretty funny huh? Luckily we took them a few weeks ago to Kmart and put what we're getting them on layaway. We'll still have to pick up some thing small from Santa and I'm working on some sweaters that I'd like to give them for Christmas if I get done in time. Of course I've got other presents to finish. so I should get off the computer and get to work.

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jessica said...

those are hilarious! i like the real live horse and the nice sister comments. hehehe too funny!