Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Friday!

it's Friday and time to share your fave 5 along with Living To Tell The Story!

1: My washing machine. besides keeping my clothes clean it also helps me to felt wonderful things I've knitted. This past week it helped me to felt my new purse. I test knitted this purse pattern and I love it. the pleats just make the bag look awesome don't you think? The pattern is available over at ravelry here. I'm
pondering making more for Christmas Gifts... that is if I have time. I have other gifts I'm making first.

2: the beautiful fall weather. Most of the time here the weather skips over fall and goes right into winter. but this year we've been having some beautiful weather. I'm talking jeans and a sweater/sweatshirt is all you need, maybe a nice hand knit scarf in the evenings. I love it. Not only that but it's great for my hair. being naturally curly I only have good hair days when the humidity is down. so I've been able to wear it down with out it bothering me most of the day!

3:Hansel and Gretel's House......well the smell of my newest candle. it is great and smells like I'm baking. this candle is hand poured and I got it at the Forget Me Not Floral & Gift Shop (one of the places I teach at) it burns clean and doesn't leave residue on the jar and no black on the jar either.

4: Local video rental places. We're able to rent kids movies for free and tons of favorite movies for only $1 for five nights. It makes for a fun cheap family movie night.

5: Chocolate. how can I not have chocolate as a fave? esp after halloween when it's on 50% off.


Susanne said...

Cool purse. I'm not a knitter. So I need to ask what does felting in the wash machine mean? The purse is unltra cute btw.

Fall, candles and movies all go together for me. Love it.

Willow said...

I'm a knitter, spinner and felter! I'm almost finished with a lace shawl and then I can finish the purse I'm planning to felt!

Have a great weekend enjoying more beautiful weather. My dd lives in OH and she said today was gorgeous!

Julia said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I hear ya on the chocolate ~how can you not love it. :)
I checked out your last weeks FFF and I just did a first time dye job this summer with kool-aid. After the knitting is done I'm going to have pink socks with my dyed yarn.