Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scarves the word of the week!

 I've been told I need to update this more often...
So Scarves. it all started when I taught the bub to knit. she made this one for the bead A new Knitter After that she started on a scarf for my MIL. Which she finished this year for Christmas and that was her present to her this year.(a child after my own heart!)christmas scarf Then she made a scarf for a friend at school and more scarf photos
Her last scarf she finished was for a friend who's in kindergarten. I just think it's so sweet she's been knitting them scarves. still more scarves another scarf another scarf I've been thinking about getting her to make other things... we'll see. she's happy making scarves right now.


pendie said...

What a sweet girl; I love her big smile! I'm impressed with her work

Jaclyn Bailey said...

Not only is she a super cutie... but she is also a good friend and a sweet girl!