Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have a really cool friend named Ann. she lives on a farm and is really interesting. I met her through knitting. She gave me this. roaving  she's trying to use up of some wool she bought a few years ago. And when I told her that i want to get better at my drop spindle before I buy a spinning wheel. (read save up for one) I didn't really know what to do with it until I searched Youtube. you saw the video on the post before right? I turned that fluffy cloud into a ball.wool ready then i proceded to spin it on the drop spindle not very well. but I will need to practice some more. handspun After I finished that I got out some blue roaving my sister gave me and spun a small skein of lovely yarn.blue handspun and I'm getting a little better I think. Unfortunately I was organizing my basket and found that my spindle is broken. So I need to get a new one I've been searching etsy and falling in love with tons of spindles. we'll see what I get after we get our tax return. If you have any suggestions leave them! I need a new spindle b/c I have a ton of wool from Ann to spin! I can't wait! She's so awesome I'm pondering sewing her a bag or something to thank her for her generosity! what do you think?

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Zonda said...

Hi! Please email me at sam6for2008@gmail.com regarding SAM 9, thank you!