Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DIY mugs

So over at ravelry I'm taking part in a coffee/knitting swap. Part of our swap needed to be handmade.  I got  to thinking, what goes good with coffee and yarn? how about a mug? I shared with my sister and she loved the idea so I thought you'd like to see it also! Here are the tools I needed tools
some white mugs (I was looking for clear ones but couldn't find any)
rubbing alcohol,
paint brushes,
ceramic/enamel paint. (found at the local michaels) I got the water based kind.
I figured I can't draw that great so a saying would be key. I used a piece of paper and wrote down what I wanted my mugs to say, to have spelling working and all that jazz. I had two I really liked, but "I don't have a problem with caffeine I have a problem with out it" wouldn't really fit.  So "Coffee.Knit.Repeat" won. So I slowly painted on the words then let them dry for about 10 min . I'm amazed at how shaky my hands were. Then I repainted them and let them dry for about an hour.DIY mugs The directions on the paint said to put the items in a cold oven heat to 350 then bake for 30 min and remove from a cold oven. the Black turned out better so that's the one I sent on to my partner. I really hope she likes the mug.  I really like how they turned out. What do you think? I plan on getting better at painting and making more mugs to use as gifts. they're a lot of fun to make. If you try it share the photos with me!
To celebrate my creativity I made myself a cappuccino! mmmm!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hey Look!

a quick distraction.... I posted about socks over here

a new pretty spindle can't wait to use
and a new spinning wheel built
more to come about those later

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scarves the word of the week!

 I've been told I need to update this more often...
So Scarves. it all started when I taught the bub to knit. she made this one for the bead A new Knitter After that she started on a scarf for my MIL. Which she finished this year for Christmas and that was her present to her this year.(a child after my own heart!)christmas scarf Then she made a scarf for a friend at school and more scarf photos
Her last scarf she finished was for a friend who's in kindergarten. I just think it's so sweet she's been knitting them scarves. still more scarves another scarf another scarf I've been thinking about getting her to make other things... we'll see. she's happy making scarves right now.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have a really cool friend named Ann. she lives on a farm and is really interesting. I met her through knitting. She gave me this. roaving  she's trying to use up of some wool she bought a few years ago. And when I told her that i want to get better at my drop spindle before I buy a spinning wheel. (read save up for one) I didn't really know what to do with it until I searched Youtube. you saw the video on the post before right? I turned that fluffy cloud into a ball.wool ready then i proceded to spin it on the drop spindle not very well. but I will need to practice some more. handspun After I finished that I got out some blue roaving my sister gave me and spun a small skein of lovely handspun and I'm getting a little better I think. Unfortunately I was organizing my basket and found that my spindle is broken. So I need to get a new one I've been searching etsy and falling in love with tons of spindles. we'll see what I get after we get our tax return. If you have any suggestions leave them! I need a new spindle b/c I have a ton of wool from Ann to spin! I can't wait! She's so awesome I'm pondering sewing her a bag or something to thank her for her generosity! what do you think?