Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Finished one now on to the other

ATTN sock pal take a look here's one sock for you finished! Yeah happy dance!

and here's the other side of the sock just so you can start planning on what to wear it with!

Now I've started the toe of the next sock and I should be done before the deadline! (sept 15th)
so I finished that bag I've talked about! And it's drying now.. I'm almost able to use it! So exciting!
so here's a pix of the bag pre felting

stupid me didn't take measurements... ARUGH! duh next time though! Do you know how many times I ran it thru the wash? 5 times and then I put it in the dryer... Finally it was done! I used noro kureyon color 70 for this bag...

and a pix of it felted and drying don't mind the coupons I'm organizing for my church in the background. (you see we can use grocery coupons upto 6 months after they expire here at the commissary so we have tons and no one was organizing them and I volunteered to do it.. Boy that was dumb it's taking forever! But at least I get all the coupons I need!)
back to the bag the finished size is 7 1/2 inches across the bottom 10 inches high and 4 inches across the top... So remember I was hoping the twisted stitch would show up? Here's a pix of it before

and after it turned out totally different than I expected but I love it.. It's totally cool looking!

so I'm part of a funky crochet yahoo group and I had someone looking for crochet felted bag patterns and really how to felt. So I went looking for some on line.. I learned all my felting from knitting sources like knitty or books. It's all pretty much the same. So I was over at www.crochetme.com and looking for some there and I got the brainstorm idea to submit this bag to them.. So I emailed them asking it they would be interested... I've gotta write up the pattern now and of course as I'm writing it I'll be making another bag.. I think I'll use some yarn I got from elann a while ago for it though.. So it may turn out differently.
so I'll go and I'm hoping crochet me likes it... What do you think?


wendy g said...

The bag turned out so cute and I love the colors.

noricum said...

Oooo... great socks!

Neat bag! You may not have measured, but luckily you took a photo on your parquet floor... you just need to measure how big the squares are, and you can figure out the bag size from that. ;)

Renee said...

That bag is great! How many balls of Noro? Please let us know if they publish your pattern (that would be sooo cool). I'd love to make one.

jessica said...

that bag looks really cool! how many balls?! and what a great sock... that is your personally hand dyed koolaid yarn right?! i'm amazed at your progress! ttly

Catherine Kerth said...

love how the colors turned out on the sock, and the bad is really cool looking!

Kathleen Marie said...

Great bag! I love it. Sorry, I don't know how I ended up here at your blog--you know how that hyperlinking thing happens on the internet, but I'm enjoying it so much. :) I hope to start crocheting more this year.

Anna said...

Your socks and bag look great!

Jen said...

How do you felt something? This is new to me! Very neat!