Monday, July 25, 2005


Today i'm totally italian! LOL i made Bruschetta! yum first i started with bread...(i didn't have any italian bread so i use sandwich) I broiled it on both sides till it was nice and toasty....

then i took some garlic cloves pealed them

then cut up the tomatoe...

once the toast was toasted.... i rubbed the toasted bread with the garlic. then i took the tomatoe and smushed and rubbed it's insides out on the bread.... then i added a bit of salt and pepper put the tomatoes on top smothered it with EVOO (as my friend daylin says) or extra virgin olive oil... look at the yummy goodness!

i know!

i also had some spaghetti in sauce with meatballs... YUM the sauce i made! i wasn't sure if i was going to l ike it but i did! I know my fam is going SAUCE!! YOU ATE SAUCE... b/c i really don't like sauce.. but it must be the moon cycle or something b/c i've been wanting sauce all the sudden...

anyways i saw this quiz on a couple of people's blogs and i took it myself.. not that i've ever hat peppermint cap and i've worked at 2 different coffee shops and just adore coffee!

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well i'm done for the day.. i'll chat at ya'll later

hungry, why wait?

so i finished the pants.

i also took some pix in action with the whole outfit.. Hungry? take a bite outta crime!
or in this case your sweater. notice the stripes down the side of the pants...

I washed them yesterday and the yarn softened up a bit so i'm sure they'll make her nice and warm and snuggly!
i just made up the pattern for the pants it's not the best.

now i had a few people asking me about my self dyed yarn, i'm using for my sock pal socks.. . and thank you for all your compliments! which btw i've been making progress but for some reason discovered a hole where there shouldn't be one and last night was spent TINKing back.. i have a few more rows to TINK back before i restart my knitting... it took me a while to decide to tink instead of frog.. one fact being i'm about 4-5 inches up the foot and if i frogged i'd have to start all over again... anyways back to the yarn LOL i used koolaid. there was orange, blue, pink, red, green ok i can't promise the right type of koolaid but i think used for the pink ~slammin strawberry kiwi, green~ lemon lime, blue~ ice blue raspberry lemonade, orange ~mandrian (nice bright orange), red ~ cherry or tropical punch can't remember..... if i remember correctly the purple just kinda happened from the red and like you don't know basic color wheel stuff. Oh i used about 3-4 packets and just enough water to make a dark solution. about 1-2 oz... i would guess.
in the pix it the skein on the right...

anyways i hope that helps you out! have fun dying!
gotta jet the booty wants out of the play yard! eek!

Friday, July 22, 2005

A F.O.!!

Sorry Sock Pal it's not your sock.. I KNOW I KNOW i promised.. i just couldn't help myself....
so it's a sweater i made for the booty to wear with her pitts stuff here daddy got her...
it's a onsie you see and it's a bit chilly here.. i'm also working on pants but i've not gotten that far yet... here's a close up of the edgeing... i found the edge patter here

the sweater pattern is from Crochet me.. that same one i made a while back (different colors and yarn) i adj it a bit to have it button up the middle and i only had 3 buttons but look how cute they are!

it looks darling on her but i'm going to finish the pants first before i take a that i'm looking at the pix and thinking i should've made the pants yellow with black edge but since i'm almost done i'll leave it how it is... oh well. LOL well that's short and sweet.. i'll chat at ya'll later!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Kickin it like bruce lee

Image Hosted by Photo Hostingany of you who know me personally know that that title came from hanging with my DH way too much. EEK, Image Hosted by Photo HostingI'm starting to talk, gasp even more, think like him! (Image Hosted by Photo Hostingnot that it's bad though)...LOL anyways after my woes of starting a toe up sock for my Sock pal... and i found this wonderful site with some tips on knitting short row toes/heels without holes! it rocks! check what i've made since yesterday!

I'm just rocking it out! i've got about an inch till i start the heel... oh here's a close up of the pattern.. lovely isn't it?

I'm really liking the colors they're bright and colorful and yummy! that Koolaid dyed yarn rocks! I'm so going to have to make my self some socks outta it.. it's super soft! and fun to knit up! (here's where i got the yarn) i got the koolaid at the grocery store... i've got some of the worsted weight to dye yet... i've been waiting for some projects to get done... but knitting with this stuff is making me itch to dye it...
anyways.. i also came across this neato site from my amigurumi along so much inspiration! just look at it all! I'm thinking up a pattern right now! LOL oh and i ran into this fab crochet site/forum on someone's blog but i can't remember who's if it was you Thanks... well that's it for now
have a great day!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Dear sock pal

I know you don't know who you are but I just have to say sorry your sock did look like this yesterday(actually a little longer than that) Note how there are no needles in the end of that sock... It's b/c I've had to Frog it! Just so you know I'm using the river rapids sock pattern from here it's a very pretty pattern.

I was looking at the note you sent and saw that your foot is 7.5 around so I measured my sock that I was knitting and it was only 6 so I thought that would be too tight for fitting into . So I started again and didn't like how it was looking so again I tried 3 times last night before I put it down and finally again this AM.... See

I'm knitting toe up so it's toes look ok. I can't kitchner you see. (it's my first time knitting toe up...I'm using a short row toe... And hopefully a short row heel) Thank you to knitty for having this wonderful article! and also this pattern from Wendy (generic toe up sock) is helping me also! I'm a super perfectionist when trading/making things like this... So that explains why I've started so many times... I'm hoping I'm going to be done with this sock by sept 15th to send it out! I'm super nervous about it not fitting also... Have you seen my fiasco with the sock for my DD#1 that is now a sock for DD#2? It doesn't have a mate yet.
so I promise you, my sockapal2-za pal... that I will work on your socks till they are done **trying** hard not to get distracted into other projects...
your sock knitting pal allena

Friday, July 15, 2005

The unlikely door stop..

So it's been really warm around here and our door doesn't stay open by itself so I had to be come inventive here's what I came up with. It's the Bub's cabbage patch crimpin pony. well actually it was my sister's pony but last year she gave it to the bub....I enjoyed it (as you can tell since I took a pix of it)

EEEKKK!!! look out they're coming to get you! run and hide RUN AND HIDE....

Wait a min is that what we're hiding from?

in that case FORGET IT..LOL
Look what I've been making for the Amigurumi along I joined

this is the mouse..I have no name for him/her any suggestions?

Meet Punk.. he's a hedgehog... well really the pattern says it's for a porcupine but doesn't he look like a hedgehog? so that's what he is...
I found the patterns here I'm using up some left over yarns. I decided to do theme with double strands so they would be bigger.... Next I'm not sure what I'll make. The bub and the booty are loving them! (I think it's the fluorescent colors)
now it must be Teeth season in my house look for yourself.. here's the bub with one top tooth growing in (in real life you can see a small white point) and two bottom teeth almost all the way grown in...

sorry for the blurry pix.. now here's the booty (even blurrier sorry)
she has two bottom teeth also growing in and then 4 yes that's right all 4 top growing in! if you look closely you can kinda see specks of white there in the pix... but again it's a tad blurry.. sorry.

and we wondered why she was chewing on EVERYTHING and drooling like a faucet.. LOL I just looked at the pix they're pretty funny LOL
well I'm cracking up at least. while I was taking pix bootsey (aka bootsas you can tell we have nicknames for our loved ones in this house..) was getting all annoyed that no one was taking a pix of her (really I was taking the pix on her scratching post spot in front of the window) so as you can see up in the pix of punk there's a cat leg and neck
so I took a pix of her at the last moment she got shy and didn't want to smile....
anyways that's about it for now until next time....

Saturday, July 9, 2005

As I promised....

So I tried taking pix this AM with the booty modeling the sweater. Again this is before I washed it so it's still a little "stiff" that's the only way I can explain it...

she wasn't helping me any I took like 20 pix and these are the best.. I just got done pulling the sweater out of the dryer and it's soooo soft... So here's the patter link again. I crochet'd the 6 month size. I modified it a bit to have 5 buttons down all the way I like it that way... And I used Red heart baby clouds color 9095 peppermint and the purple is a rec yarn that I have from a sweater I took apart. So I have to say that the yarn was not fun to crochet with it's all bumpy like and hard to tell what or where the stitches and I was constantly catching wisps of the yarn around my hook and well it was really annoying! So I was thinking of getting rid of the stinking yarn not knowing why anyone would want to knit or crochet with it... But after washing the sweater and drying it I love it it's super soft! I'm totally convinced it was worth all the annyoingness etc... Plus I don't have to worry about blocking or anything it's perfect! if I may say so myself... LOL it's so nice I think I have enough to crochet another one in the 12 month size for my baby...Yeah! I'm also planning a yellow and black sweater for the booty for her Steelers and pirates onsies that my DH bought her... They're cute but at night here it's chilly and also in the winter it's nice to have something to cover up with! LOL so with that here's another cute pix I was trying for the sweater but my sweetie the booty moved so I got half face and half sweater... Still cute though!

Friday, July 8, 2005

I first want to say to all of you people in London my heart and prayers are with you!

Look at what I've done! Here's a pix of the "finished product" before sewing seams....

and after the seams were sewn....

and a close up of the color of the purple and the buttons

and the yarn...

I made it for a friend of mine who's going to have a baby... I think I will have my DD model it tomorrow if it fits.... We'll see. I'm surprised how quickly I crochet'd it! After my last post I'd restarted it and now 2 days later... (not full days though) it was complete and ready to be washed... Exciting isn't it? I thought so!
well anyways I just wanted to update ya'll

have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Did somebody see that frog go by?

I just burned my finger with coffee... Not fun!
well here's a pix of what I did yesterday...

yup that's right I ripped back my C&L finally I came to terms with the sock and decided to fix it.. LOL

after that I started a new project... But then I ripped it back too b/c it wasn't looking like I wanted and started over... I got the pattern from Crochet me

it's a very neat pattern! I think it's adorable! the pattern is called baby it's cold's from their feb back issue you can find it here I also went thru my bin o yarn and pulled out an afghan I'd like to finish... and found one i'd like to redo...

the red really isn't that fluorescent in real life. LOL now you're thinking... Why all the crochet all of the sudden well it's b/c 2 of my closest friends Pam and Danielle (who's moving tomorrow snif!) both crochet.. And they're always doing it around me making neato things and I wanted to be a part of that.. Not only that but I've been reading some great crochet blogs like this one and this one and this one... There's more I just don't remember them all) they all have awesome links for me to check out.(like this one.) I've also been surfing crochet web rings drooling over projects etc. SO I've gone back to my roots so to speak..LOL. Before I knit I crocheted.... And I forgot how much I enjoyed it! I think also, I'm a little upset with knitting right now... Having to frog that hard hard work. Anyways I've been into it so much lately finding patterns dreaming of what I want to make and the projects I want to finish that I've even asked to join a crochet web ring. Hopefully I'll get approved! Anyways I'm off to bible study.. gotta jet!

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

MY 4th and your 5th and packages too!

How was your 4th of July celebrations? Mine started out slow but ended with a big bang! LOL I'm a dork I know.. We went to a church picnic here's a pix of the booty playing in some ice. It was super hot!

and then we went later when it got dark (around 10) to see the fireworks here's bubba with her friend waiting for the show.

I have to admit that last years fireworks left me wanting... But this year I was pleasantly surprised they were great! Here's a pix of the bub and her other friend watching the fireworks...

ok so I've been knitting and look can you tell what this is?

why that's the heel of my DH's sock that I just turned...Slow but sure progress it only looks interesting b/c it's self striping... St stitch BORING! But hey here's what it looks like... The beginning was fun as you can see a used the go team pattern from my 6 sock KAL group...

and then my DH went to check the mail and look what I saw on the return label of a huge box...

yes I'm so excited! Look what I got!

she sent me a hilarious card, a book, beautiful yarn an wonderful stitch markers the bobbi bear patter sooooo cute! Not only that she also sent stuff for the KIDS!
she's a keeper! LOL she's the best I tell you!
ATTN SP: to show you how much the girls like what you got them I took pix as proof....
here's the booty playing with Bambi she liked him right away... He immediately went into her mouth and she proceeded to bang him up and down on the floor! That's a good sign!

and here's the bub though she pretends she's not interested she's super excited she just loves the color wonder books!

hey do you see that that sneaky sock snuck in the pix... LOL really I forgot to put it away after my DH came home with the boxes! Oh how I love mail...
I got a box from my dear friend Kelly... She's the bomb ya know.... She sent me Spongebob squarepants socks

check out the spongebob's on the back of the sock... Bear with me I'm taking these pix myself... I think I will wear these socks forever....LOL

and star hooks for the shower curtain I love stars! I have a tattoo that's a star.. And my kitchen is decorated in stars... My engagement ring my dh's gave me is a star shaped diamond... Oh the memories.....ahh I feel oh so special today...
hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!
happy knitting and crocheting...

Saturday, July 2, 2005

that's what they say!

check it out i'm Weird! LOL as if you didn't already know!
this is what they say....

120 Of all the weird test takers: 8% are more weird,3% are just as weird, and 89% are more normal than you!

What is your weird quotient? Click to find out!
HMMM oh well is it weird that i'm proud to be weird? it's ok i don't mind...LOL

My DH and i were talking about how i'm not good at keeping the house clean (really just the kitchen, i'm a messy cook and i hate doing the dishwasher)... he thinks it's easy...but then again isn't everything that someone else does?....anyways it's not that i can't keep it clean i just choose to do other things...My mission for this next week or so i've gotta get better at that... now if only i could figure out what to do with this one....LOL

she's just had some cheese puffs. she loved them! then fell asleep! LOL too cute!
well since that's all i wanted to say goodbye!