Saturday, June 20, 2009

OH Holy COW!

I can't believe how long I've been gone. right after my last post (with in the next few days that is) I hurt my back. I went to the chiropractor and was feeling good until I stretched the wrong way or bent over or something and then last Saturday and Sunday I spent in bed with maybe about 5 min or so sitting up. (it was sooo painful) I went back to the chiro and he confirmed that I had/have a bulging disc. UGH not fun so he tried some traction and sent me home. my next appt was for wed and I was remarkably better. I could sit up at least. Then yesterday I had another appt. and I'm doing soooooooooooo much better. the result of all that is not much knitting or crocheting going on. Though it did make a dent (a smallish one) in my reading queue.
Yesterday was the last day for the girl's VBS at our church so they had a closing program. They sang songs and each grade level did their verse. I know the girls had a lot of fun this week. My Dh was the valet and he also went and picked up my nephew and took him to the VBS.
I brought my Sock Wars SIP's to knit on during the program. and I got a good part of them done. I'm seriously surprised I'm not dead yet. (in the game I mean!) I actually have a goal to finish them and send them off this weekend. It's a good goal! I'm also going to use them as my DADA project this month. now to get off the Internet and knit... LOL.. not sure when that will happen. Oh ravelry, I love you!

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