Saturday, May 31, 2008

The funny things

Friday night we had a birthday party to go to. So I decided to make some small amigurumi and a small purse.
I made the cute little bird and a purple hamster. The hamster
is from the Amigurumi Collection Vol 3. (that's a ravelry link) they were pretty simple to make. I forgot how much I love to make amigurumi. It was so hard to decide which ones to make. I switched like 10 times when I was making what turned out to be the bird. I'm going to have to make some more. (it's an addiction I swear!) Since the party was for a 3 year old I had the Bead try out the gifts. She immediately started playing and putting the little critters in the purse, I snapped a photo while she wasn't paying attention. (B/c if she was paying attention she would pose, the little ham!)
The purse was a cute little bag that is based on a pattern in the book Bend The Rules Sewing. I say based b/c I changed it a bit. I did use her idea of putting flannel in the middle instead of iron on interfacing but I don't think I liked that method. It was still really floppy and for purses I like the sides to have somewhat of a backbone (so to speak) But then again that's my personal preference. Anyways at the party it was a bit crazy but Julia seemed to like the amigurumi and the purse. She actually screamed at her brothers when they tried to take them... I took that as an approval.
Today it rained on and off. While it was off we were outside playing. Jump roping in fact. We played this game where we sang and when she stopped on a letter we came up with a word for that letter.
Here's how the one of the rounds went

Bub: Momma can you sing the song while I jump?
Me: OK
Bub: ready go
Me (while she's jumping): Report Card, Report Card What did you get? A B C D E F G H I J K L (and she stepped on the rope and stopped)
Bub: L?
Me: Lovely!
Bub: Yeah OK I know I'm beautiful.
Me: smiling trying not to laugh

Bub: ya know lovely it's the same as beautiful, pretty that's me.
Me: yeah you know it!

I'm still laughing at it.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fun Find!

I found these great books at my local library. There are quite a few skirt patterns in the book that i may make and a bunch of yummy things in the Bend the Rules Sewing. I was surprised to find some newer books in the library collection. lets just say that most of the craft books could be categorized as "vintage" but not the cool vintage! But it just goes to show, if you'd like to sew, check out the library.
I was looking for an apron book but didn't find one. Though the Bend the rules book has a fabulous section on aprons so I'm happy. I love aprons, in case you've never noticed. It started not too long ago you can see a few I made for various presents in my flickr account. Fueled by blogs like Sew, Mamma Sew, Whip up and TipNut's list of free apron patterns (can't go wrong there). I got The Apron Book a while ago and really loved reading about the history of the apron. not to mention the fun patterns in that book. If you're thinking about aprons and interested find this book. So naturally I look for others who share my obsession, er I mean passion, this past weekend I joined the Apronista group. (it's an online social network you'll need an invite to join) there's also an Apronista blog. Even an apron swap! I'm totally loving this and just itching to get sewing again. If you like aprons too but haven't joined the apronista LMK and I'll hook you up with an invite!
On to yesterday's post and a review on the Indiana Jones movie, I liked it. but if you're looking for a meaningful movie, skip it. It was an action packed movie, some of it was cheesy but still fun. But I also liked the original movies and really like Shia LaBouf. (sp?) I can't really go into depth with my review b/c I've only seen it one time and I don't want to ruin if for those who want to see it.
Last weekend we went to see Narnia, we liked it. My Dh really liked it better than the first. I like them both, but that's b/c I enjoy series and watching a story unfold over time. I don't really remember the book, I have to re-read them I think.
Normally we don't go out to movies much but those 2 we've been waiting for so we were super excited to go see them. Plus going to the drive in (Indiana Jones) is really cheap and fun. Though I'm sure I missed a few scenes b/c of the kiddos.. next time I suggest we go alone DH! (not that he reads my blog.. sigh)
well that's it for today my blog readers.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I should blog

I should update everyone on what's happening here but the problem is that there's not much happening. so I leave you with a funny photo I took Sunday night when we went to the drive in to see Indiana Jones. The whole family went, that means my MIL, FIL, BIL's ans SIL's and my nephew and my newest niece.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Pattern Day

Yesterday and Today was my day in the crochet pattern a day calendar. It's just a small pattern I made to teach crochet in the round. (back when there were classes offered at michaels) If you like it it's over at ravelry for free. It's something that little girls like to carry around. it could be made larger or not depending on what you'd like.
it's always fun to see your name in print.

Monday, May 19, 2008

10 Things that annoy me today and lately.

In no order at all.

1. Subway- they really skimp on the veggies lately, and look at me like I'm crazy for asking for lots of veggies.
2. crazy drivers who cut me off.
3. dogs who sit under the table begging for food while you're eating.
4. bad coffee
5. cats that get up on the table or counter where food is prepared or served . (out comes the spray bottle)
6. parking on the side of the street so that no one can get by.
7. stupid people doing stupid things.
8. cheaters
9. unclear directions that make things crazy.
10. when my girls whine and cry when they want something instead of asking in a normal voice.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Sock Wars.......

Sock Wars started Friday. And I was super excited to be a part of it. I got up at 7 and got ready, put the bub on the bus and checked my email. No dossier and pattern. Not to worry I'll clean and vacuum (since there won't be much of that this weekend) And so it went most of the morning inserting different cleaning things. Until about 11 am I just happened to see a post on ravelry about the pattern being uploaded on the site. I quickly downloaded and got to knitting. I left for my LYS's sit and knit and had fun knitting. Though, I was starting to feel a little bummed and not so excited about the war. But I just figured it was the nervousness of not wanting to die and the frustration of the un-clear pattern. I got a call from my sister about 2 or so that she got her email with her target in it.. so I was hopeful. When I got home I ran to the computer to check, Nope, nothing! That is how much of my Friday night went checking email and getting nowhere, I couldn't focus so I only had a small part of the socks done by bedtime.
Saturday we went to a Pirates game, not to worry I brought my knitting. We went a little early b/c they had a chance to meet and take photos with a few players. My DH was excited he got to take a photo with Jason Bay, his favorite player. After the photo opt, we went to watch batting practice. My DH got a ball that Ian Snell (#45) threw up to him. I tell you what, watching the batting practice is fun but freaking scary. you watch the balls go up and follow it through the sky and then the sun blinds you and you freak out b/c you can't see the ball anymore and the players in the out field are turned around saying "watch it" or "heads up" (those baseballs hurt if they knock you out) To begin the game, the US Army Golden Knights parachuted into the stadium. it was really cool to see, if you go to my flickr page I've uploaded the pix from that day. The Pirates won BTW, it was a good day. When I got home I actually had my dossier in my inbox.That was a relief.
Sunday was of course Mother's Day. We went out to eat at Lone Star and had a wonderful dinner. (brought half of it home) We then went home and all took a nap (from staying up late the night before) I didn't nap but the girls and my DH did. I was knitting of course. But seriously by this time I was ready to be done. I think a lot of my problem was I couldn't stay away from the forums and reading them. The pattern was a tad unclear and I'm not sure my socks were being knit right. but there was no way that I was ripping at this time. And I really liked how they're looking.
I continued to knit and ended up turning the heels of my sock on Monday. I was really struggling to continue completely bummed and totally not having fun. I know that's a horrible attitude to have. And I'm not crying or whining just want to vent how I feel about this installment of Sock Wars. I know I'm not the only one feeling this way. Over at ravelry is a thread for ways to improve the next Star Wars, I hope it helps. So far the consensus is (and I volunteer to help! those that know me know I like to be in charge and organize things) some of these are my own ideas though too.
1: There needs to be more people to help be in charge of organization of the war.
a. to answer questions that arise
b. help get the dossiers out
c. help take the stress off of just one person and spread it around.
2: The pattern needs tested (preferably by those who will help with the organization)
a. by more than 1 person closer to 5
b. by people from different countries so the terms are accurate and clear.
c. it will prevent a lot of confusion.
3. Close the sign ups 1-2 weeks before the start of the war.
a. this will help the pairing up of the assassins and targets.
b. open the sign ups earlier if this is a problem.
4. Send out the Dossier's earlier (like a day or 2 before start of war)
a. enable the pattern to be sent as a mass email instead of individually
b. pattern could be posted at a specific time on the website
c. mind games are sooo much fun and part of the game.
5. the form for filling out shoe size should have a line of length of foot from toe to heel. instead of shoe size b/c it's not always accurate. maybe even the size around the ankle and calf.
6. clearer rules on things like:
a. wearable socks ie: dropped stitches, big holes etc
b. pattern following what's ok and not ok. ie: adjusting CO to fit target

OK I'm done sorry to go on and on... my DH says me and my sister should get
together and start something ourselves. I think he's sick of me talking about it. My sister and I called back and forth the past weekend talking about the war. That was fun for me. Like this morning at 10 AM, I was getting ready to work out and there was a knock at the door. Upon opening the door the UPS man was walking away and there was my death, in an envelope. I called Jessica and left a message saying help I'm dying (who lets voicemail get their sister's call for help really?)...Upon opening my envelope I found my socks. They're very pretty and soft too! The colors are lovely. I promptly got my SIP's off the needles and packaged them up and mailed them off. Good luck assassin. Thank you for the lovely socks. (and for relieving the problem I was having) I'm such a brat, I know. I'll be looking forward to the next, I hope the problems will be working or worked out.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

And the winners are.....

Remember this contest? well we have winners. and since I had 23 contestants I've added some sock yarn. I hand dyed this yarn using some blue Wilton's cake dye. It was an experiment! I kinda like the unevenness of the color, I'm knitting some similar and it's looking like denim once knit.
I very officially picked 2 names. (out of a sock bag I made last thursday for my shop.)
I must thank eve
ryone who entered! Please remember to check out my etsy store if you'd like a sock bag of your own. (if you'd like an unofficial sock wars badge on them pm on etsy first or alchemy me) Once the war is done I'll upload more bags.
Or ra
ther I should say once I die... but that's another story. (rolling eyes am I having fun yet?)

so with out further ado....
the Grand winner of the sock (unofficial Sock Wars) bag is Bobbi
whoo hoo, cla
p clap clap!!! Do a little happy dance.

Our runner up is Gardienne, that means you win the sock yarn!
whoo hoo! Rock on!

please email me your address at ullena at yahoo dot com

and of course a big thank you to everyone who entered into this contest, I hope you continue hang around!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Getting ready for the weekend!

This week I finally started finishing my I spy/Memory Quilt for my niece. I'm actually just whip stitching the binding on the back. But I'm not the best hand sewer so it's taking a bit. Plus it's not that fun (for me) so I find I'm setting it down a lot. Though I'm trying to finish it so that I can send it off. I was sewing the back and got to test it out with my Nephew. he really liked it and matching the squares. He's 4. So I think it's going to be a hit!

I've also been making some sock bags. This cherry one I've sold and shipped. Only to find out that the label I printed from has been canceled? What The...? I printed the label this morning and all was good. looking at the email it was 3 almost 4 hours later that they told me it was canceled. Can they do that? I'm not sure that's allowed. I've contacted the buyer and let her know what is going on and I've contacted to figure out what is happening. I'd like to know what is going to happen to the package b/c i've mailed it already. I hope they send it back to me so I can reship it. I've never had a problem with the usps website before but I doubt I'll be using it again. I feel horrible it's so unprofessional and just wrong. I can't apologize enough to my buyer. I've offered to refund her money or make another bag just the same if it never comes.
anyone else have a crappy experience like this? What did you do about it? I will be taking my package into the post office from now on. (not so easy with 2 kids) UGH the drama!
(new subject)
Wednesday was the last day for puggles. Beady just loved going to Awana this year. Next year she'll be in cubbies so I'm excited b/c it's a more established program. The puggles this year was a first year all around so some of it was really annoying.I figure next year it will run more smoothly. This photo is pretty funny. The bead is the one in the middle with the angry eyes.. LOL tooo funny!

Today I did some pre-war shopping and stocking up. I also rented a few movies. the top 2 are new releases so i got them at our local Redbox b/c it's only $1 to rent them. the others I got at a local video rental place well 3 of them were free. 2 free b/c most of the kids movies are free. the other one is b/c they have this gumball machine and if you get the color of the week you get a free rental. The girls just love getting gum and almost every time the Bub gets a free rental. Fine by me. she picked out Honey We Shrunk The Kids. What fun! So I'm ready for the war to start!

Are you?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Contest!

Oh what fun! a contest. Last week while getting ready for Sock Wars, I made some weapon bags. Un-official of course. (The only thing I'm officially doing with Sock Wars is fighting in it.) Anyways, I made 3, one for me one for my sister and YOU can win the last one.
It's a beautiful pink and green bag measuring 8 1/4 inches high with a flat bottom of 4 inches wide. There's pockets inside for your needles, scissors or anything else you'd like to carry. The bag has a drawstring to close with a push button stopper to hold it closed. You can hang the strings over your wrist and carry the bag along, you could also knit while walking if you'd like. Sound good?
Here's how to get your name in the drawing. (3 ways)

1. Leave a comment on this post
2. Talk about this contest on your blog and send all your friends this way. Don't forget to LMK that you did it.
3. When talking about this contest on your blog link to my etsy store letting people know that later on this week there will be some sock bags (minus the sock wars badge) for sale if they'd like to get their own.

Since it's a Sock Wars
(un-official) weapon bag I will pick a winner on Saturday and Send it out to you. (just to freak you out when it comes)
so what are you waiting for?

Monday, May 5, 2008

almost all sewing

Almost all my project 365 photos this past week was sewing photos! Go figure. I can feel my creativity growing and just rolling. It's wonderful! for a while there I was really worried that I'd lost all my creativity.
Luckily I just needed some sle
ep and time to focus on what is true and real.
so to start out I sewed the girls some skirts and dresses. The bub got the skirts, and the bead some dresses. they were super easy to make b/c it was the ready made fabric. So it was one sew up the back and the skirts were done, but for the bead had to put some straps on her sun dresses to hold them up. they look really cute! she wore the big flowered one Sunday and it looked really cute!
I've started a new pair of socks, I'm writing up a pattern for my sister to test for me. I have to finish the pattern this month so she has a pair of socks to knit for next month. (she's knitting a pair a month) I'm using some sock yarn I dyed a while ago using Wilton's cake dye. it's uneven but I'm really liking the color!
But I didn't really work that much on the socks b/c I've been absorbed with sewing sock bags. Last week I worked on some Sock Wars sock bags. In this photo I'm showing how I'm ready for Sock Wars (starting on Saturday)I can't think of a better mother's day frantically knitting away on socks in fear of my life! What fun! My sock yarn and needles found themselves at home in this other sock bag that I made, it has a beautiful Hawaiian print on the outside and some sparkly stars on the inside. (I heart stars). I've sent the pink ribbon sock bag to my sister. I hope she'll enjoy the weapon bag! This week I'll be working on some regular sock bags and I'll be posting them in my etsy store. (why not stop over and check them out later this week)
On Friday my plea for coffee was fulfilled by the bestest sister in the world! I'm drinking the Guatemalan coffee now. it's delish! Thanks so much jess!
This past weekend it was rainy and yucky out. and my DH had to work all day Saturday so I spent a lot of time moving my bedroom around. I also painted 1/2 of my bedroom a beautiful green color.why half you say? b/c I
painted as I rearranged my room. and I was tuckered out when I finished and I didn't feel like moving the furniture that was staying where it was. I will finish painting the room later this week I suppose. I figured a photo of a green wall wasn't too interesting so I snapped a photo of what I did the rest of the evening, knitting. For my after dinner treat, nothing tastes better than some Oreos with milk.
Monday the girls and I planted some seeds inside to get some seedlings to plant outside when the time is right. I told them 7-10 days and we'll start seeing some sprouts. They are so excited to actually see the seeds have
sprouted and are growing. (it's almost a mini science lesson at home but don't tell them that) Of course the cucumbers went fast, personally the tomatoes are what I'm looking forward to. but now that means I'll have to actually get around to digging up a garden in the backyard. UGH... oh well it will be a good workout! (I need to get to know someone with a rototiller)