Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Pure knitting joy!

I found my Knit Wits Club card (the name of our local knitting circle/get together) and i'm #007 so from now i'll only answer to Bond.....James Bond that is...LOL J/K
So yesterday i was this far on my 1st sock ever i'm getting ready to start the heel flap......

i'm knitting it on two circ needles.... i'm debating if i like doing that way.. since it's the first time i've done so....well i will just have to try another way.
Today we went to Amberg b/c my DH wanted to check out a skater shop... and I wanted to see if we could find a LYS.. i'd gotten at tip at last week's Knit Wits...and guess what
I FOUND IT!!! Oh what joy i was doing a happy dance and look what i brought back!!

the regia is self stripping sock yarn.... in germany's own colors but my DH got all excited that it was the Pittsburgh Pirates colors so i'm making him some socks... if i can only find a pattern, i'm looking right now.
the catania color is purples and greens for myself! sooo pretty! it's cotton and so pretty.did i mention that already? oh and the needles are for me to try out.... we'll see if i like them or not. i'm still not sure.
anyways i'm thinking i need a ball winder but i have NO CLUE where to start looking or what i'm really looking for any help would be greatly appreciated!
well i'm off to hunt for patterns for my very very picky DH LOL
happy knitting all

Monday, March 28, 2005


look isn't this the neatest pix?

well i thought it was! it's my DH doing an ollie...i can't remember if he's going up or down... oh well cool pix anyways. so that's what we did on saturday! it was fun here's bella doing her thang.....

and a pix of maddy and her Dad rolling thier things....lol

i of course was knitting! LOL what else is there to do btwn Hey momma look at me and hey did you see that...and waaaa...LOL it was fun though!
so then we came home and dyed eggs! maddy was having some fun!

you may notice that in many pix maddy is wearing dresses... well it's just because she loves to wear them..not anything that i do mind you. i personally like to wear jeans... but maddy she just loves to wear dresses and the more they flare out when she twirls around in a circle the better! LOL it's really funny if you ask me.
anyways this is a short but sweet post here. i hope all had a wonderful easter!
happy knitting!

Friday, March 25, 2005

There's no crying in baseball....

To show you that I've not been slacking this week in posting that I've actually been busy here's some pix....LOL first is Maddy bowling.

not only did we go bowling with friends on Monday... maddy also had a bowling birthday party that she went to on Wednesday!

I thought I would share a pix of Bella in a party hat...it was ripped off shortly after the pix was taken but it's soo cute huh? so 2 times we went bowling this week! crazy and I still suck! you're think oh you couldn't be that bad...well my highest score was 91! I kid you not! I totally suck! LOL it was fun though! I think madison got a better score than I did...LOL oh well.
then on tuesday we went swimming in amberg! wow was that fun! here's a pix of the girls and daddy! how cute is bella's swimsuit? didn't think they made them that small huh? well they do! LOL the pools here are the greatest! huge with slides and little hot tubs everywhere! of course there's the traditional lap pool and lesson pool....tons of little different pool all housed in one big building! oh soooo fun!

not only did we have a busy week so did the rest of my family! (as if there wasn't enough cuteness in this post here's more)
My Sister Jessica had a baby girl the other day!!! i'm such a proud aunt! here's a pix of the lovely little Leah!

Notice the knitted hat.....Jessica is a knitter too! here is her blog www.naturallyknitty.blogspot.com check her out....not that she'll be updating it any time soon! since she's busy with being a new mommy! LOL now for more pix here's Gabe the proud older brother such a cute pix huh? (yes that's a different knitted goodie for the babe)

and for the knitting content...here we go...
I went to the knitting circle or what ever it's called last night!! (i'm so bad with names!) that was sooo fun! I of course didn't take any pix, being my first time and all I thought it may be weird...it was fun though! I met so many ladies it was great! one lady was knitting a pair of socks so we got a talking about them... you see i'm obsessed with socks.....not that I've knitted one yet...I've got about 3 inches on one started...but I've not finished yet... so we talked and i'm going to knit socks...well one of these days that is... i'm kinda scared of the heel... but my new friend assured me it was easy!
anyways while talking and soothing bella some I knitted on this....

it's for my friend tracey....she is moving in like a week....how sad! I am making it for her in her fav color purple and knitting it with thoughts and prayers for her! so everytime she wears it she will think of me and know that I love her and miss her soooo much! the hardest part of being a military family is you make great friends and then you have to move! or they move. but I know I will stay in touch with my friends I've made here in germany. I have to! they've been such a big part of my life and they are sooo dear and close to my heart! I love them!
ok enough before I get all weepy... I've gott go dye my roots!
happy knitting all
and have a wonderfully Happy Easter!

ps the title is because of my DH's watching of the steroids hearing (lets not get started on that!)and playing baseball on his new xbox.... it's all we're doing lately arugh!..well I've been knitting...LOL of course..

Friday, March 18, 2005

finally felted and it's friday!

SO I finally finished. here's pix of the bag felted!:

so that you can tell how big the bag is b/c pix can be so confusing! i had my DH take a pix of me and the bag.... i cut most of me out but you get the pix.... literally! LOL i'm such a dork! LOL

as you can see it's pretty spiffy with the pockets! I hope Kelly likes it i just sent my DH over to drop it off! (he's going sk8ing with a friend) LOL i love making things esp when they get finished. so i'm back to working on that sock....and look at this cool pix!

I love my camera! it's soo neat! if you look real hard the orange and black striped thing under the bag is my DH's skate board....just wanted to point that out. he's so proud of it. Can you tell by my pix that the SUN is out. i know i was surprised too. but we're enjoying it that's for sure! we walked to the bowling alley and bowled for a bit then walked to the craft store and i use craft lightly there. as you can see no pix of amazing things i got there....sigh. I don't know why i torture myself going there.....then we walked to the power zone: aka electronics store for all you non military peeps out there. then we checked the mail at the CMR (community mail room) and walked home. it was nice!
but that's about it for now. the sun is going to set soon.
so yeah off to knit some more!
happy knitting!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

it's a short one!

finally!!!!!!!! i casted off for the felted bag last night and now i'm working the i cord! which is going fast! i used this yarn remember?

soon i'll be posting pix of it felted! not yet though! and give it the traditional 2 days to dry! so can you see that there's pockets on the outside? cool huh? i was reading somewhere where they said the bottom when felted was not quite sturdy enough.....so i did 2! and then knitted up like orriginally then casted off a little shorter, and sewed up the corners! i hope it turns out like i want! we'll see!
on a side note does anyone know why my side thingy with my links and info.... isn't besides my postings? if you scroll down it's there but not at the top like it's supposed to be! arugh! maybe it's just my computer! i know nothing of this whole blog template stuff so it's probably my fault! oh well! gotta jet
happy knitting

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Look what i got in the mail!!!

that when opened turned into this! A CHIBI and a stitch marker! WONDERFUL!

thank you to beth from www.diamondsnpurls.blogspot.com she sent these to me! how wonderful! the chibi is now holding all of my needles that just ran around poking everyone before! now not so they have thier own little house! LOVELY i've never gotten a stitch marker before and I love it! it's sooo pretty! i can't wait to use it!
i've been kinda busy lately which is why i've dwindeled on my posting but if you check out my last post you'll know why! it's so nice and weird to have my DH home.... i keep turning around and woah there he is.. sometimes i just stare at him thinking he's home HE's HOME yippie.... LOL ok i'm crazy but didn't we already know that? LOL
last night my DH tried going on a date but it only last a little bit and we had to leave the movie early. my little baby didn't want to take her dinner from the bottle she wanted mama so we had to come home and i fed her... not a problem just next time we'll bring her along! it was nice though anyways for the most part. my DH was making fun of me this AM b/c i'd fallen asleep the min my head hit the pillow last night. LOL i was tired. it's hard getting used to sleeping in the same bed as someone else again! not to mention my DD#1 is always getting up super early....daddy....that's the first words outta her mouth! LOL it's funny i think that she may be driving him a little bonkers. which is good he can then join me in crazy land! it's a fun place to be! LOL
on the knitting front.... well i tried starting a scarf but the yarn i was using didn't look good so i stopped that and continued with that darn felted bag that's taking forever! but good news almost done!!! did i just say that before! oh well it soon will get done i'm getting a little board with it... hmmm..... but i must finish it!
well i should get of the puter to go and knit some! so bye! happy knitting

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

they say a picture says a thousand words..... I think this one says a million i'm sooo happy! i just can't hide it! i've only got one word to say FINALLY!

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

nerd? not me!!!

see i took a test....oh well....LOL
today this post is going to be short and sweet....
so today consists of waiting and more waiting... so what should i do to pass the time? I KNOW knit! yeah!! i'm doing an Icord for my daughters mittens.... so that should pass the time.... also i'm still working on the bag....geesh it's taking sooo long huh? ONE day i'll be posting pix of it being done.....one day.....
well i just wanted to check in and say hey!
happy knitting....

Friday, March 4, 2005


I hate you! argh! i'm so pissed at this crap i tried to put all the pix and my post into one and it wouldn't work today! i'm not even sure if it worked in 4 different ones...please keep reading i actually talk about some stuff.....not too much knitting going on since i'm piddling with the stupid puter ARUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes i'm very angry.... but my other post are fun and fancy free and i'm not bold and big i'm normal....LOL i wanted to convey my anger!

NOPE! we don't do sand castles here we make snow towers! nice huh? not much knitting got done today after school we went to go hang up our sign for Daddy and after pushing the stroller all the way thru the snow getting there i realized i'd lost my hammer from my house to the fence! arugh so i had to treck all the way back to a friends house and borrow her hammer which is good cause i traded the hammer for the kiddos. and hung up our sign This one is not it but it is my fav! my friend Danielle made it...LOL cracks me up!

dani's banner


then i went and got a new battery and LOOK i'm wearing it... this is my fav watch it's just the battery died and i never got it fixed....now i have. I just love Dr suess. esp green eggs and ham....well i also like the star bellied sneeches.... I am a stars upon thars chica!

i also went and got some more things for my raok packages that i will have to send monday.... and i twiddled with the puter and made these to write a note in....

as for knitting....well i'm still working on that booga bag.... and for all of you who volunteered to make me a pattern for a ribbed hat thank you soooo much I heart you!!! (i'd like to try them all) it's for my DH so it will have to wait to get the measurements i'll get back to you with them for sure! LIKE TOTALLY! LOL that was for my dear friend kelly who's from CA LOL well that's about it short and sweet! Happy knitting

Thursday, March 3, 2005

CRAP and all that fun stuff

Okay so everyone has made me feel so loved! THANK YOU SOO MUCH EVERYONE!
after reading the comments and my blog again I have to say I'm ashamed for complaining! But I've also learned from this: that I need to post more comments on other people's blogs esp my fellow RAOKer's blogs..... So you should be seeing more of me posting comments... I'm just as bad as anyone really. So I've made it my goal to post when I'm reading... You see I use bloglines and then I click on the interesting ones as I'm skimming so I can go back and read fully their post. sometimes I just close it with out a comment and others I leave comments so I've decided to take an extra 5 min to leave a comment on those blogs with out closing them. now I'm really lazy so it's not like I read every blog on my bloglines just what catches my attention which I'm sure is what everyone does.... okay on to my thoughts..... as if those weren't....
Look what my friend Emily gave me!

ok it's a bad pix but I took it with my left hand and I'm not left handed. she said she got it here...... http://www.oprah.com/laf/index.html it's for supporting people who live with cancer... which I'm sure all of you know someone! I personally have cancer (hodgekins lymphoma) but it's in remission right now and has been since 1998 so that's 6 years! YEAH! So every time I see cancer helping stuff I'm more likely to buy it. now my friend Emily didn't know that when she gave me the bracelet she just saw it on Oprah and bought some and then gave me one... I think she said her MIL has cancer... or was it her mom..... I'm so bad like that i'll have to ask her.... anyways so click the link and buy a bracelet. that is if you want to not to be bossy or anything!
so I actually have been knitting not just making candles which BTW I did just yesterday again!!! my sp4 is getting one I made! I'm not putting a pix on b/c if she reads this....not like it's that small of a world but stranger things have happened! So back to knitting I'm using this yarn

to make a felted bag for my friend Kelly..... it's the 'not so' surprise over there. almost done.....almost but not quite....LOL
Now I thought this was cute... bella is petting Boots... yes I know that's a real original name for a cat....

anyways I've noticed that I talk about bella a lot and not so much of my other daughter Madison.... I feel horrible I love them both dearly! here's Maddy and her best friend at church on sunday... the hats were b/c they had a Patch the pirate performance. it's a children's program where they learn verses and songs and then once a month sing for us! it's so sweet......I try to tape all of them! esp for DH so that he can see them and not feel like he missed too much. my DD is the one on the right. in case you were wondering. LOL

speaking of DH. He WAS going to be home this weekend but as the military goes things change and it looks like next week sometime.... I'm crushed.... well not really I expected it. how can you not when it happens every time? really sucks b/c our annv is coming up and we wanted to spend it together for once, but it's okay we'll celebrate it late. (again)
I'm still pumped b/c he's coming home......... it's just the waiting that's killing me. ok so I'm going to stop moaning now!
I just learned what a Chibi is... what a clever invention! This is a chibi:http://www.jimmybeanswool.com/secure-html/onlinegen/currgen/Clover/JumboDarningNeedleSetChibi.asp It holds yarn needles and is all-around adorable! i'm going to have to get one! well one of these days! ok so I'm a big dork... but aren't we all? at least a little!
happy knitting!

PS the chocolate is all claimed..... so candles and mk is left BTW
also anyone going to give me a link to a pattern (for a ribbed hat) or something? it doesn't have to be free. just not annoying!

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

don't i feel loser-ish?

how much of a loser am I? i had a little email me and i'll give you something but no takers.....bummer i guess not many people stop to read.... sorry i'm such a bore note to self:be more entertaining.....but how?
so if you are part of the RAOK ring please LMK (by posting please) if you like chocolate or candles that smell flowery or some Mary Kay sample smells. (their spa collection it think) i've got some to give away..... and i have no clue who to give them to they've been sitting here and i'd like to give them to people who'd like them!
ATTN RAOKers: so i'll do a contest I need to find a pattern for a ribbed hat all the way up. not the shaker rib hat that's found free on line b/c i made it and i keep frogging it and i'm totally sick of it... arugh!. so it's for my DH if your interested LMK please....

okay enough of the woe is me crap... on to life
i got not from my DH that he may be home earlier than we thought I'm so excited! i cannot wait to see him again. all this waiting is totally suckin! esp with all my friends DH's home it really sucks....not that i'm not happy for them don't get me wrong b/c i am! it's just that it is soooooooo hard to see couples again and still be coupleless....waaaa i'm a baby....i'm not telling Maddy b/c i don't want to break her heart when plans change as they always do in the military... so she still thinks it's 14 more days till daddy gets home... she's been counting down...i don't have a real date she was just asking me a while ago and i told her 21 more days to get her to stop the insistent asking ARUGH! it's so hard to see your girl see all her friend's daddys and not know why her daddy still isn't home... not to mention that we've not really played with her friends like we used to. b/c of all the DH's being home we hardly see our friends anymore... it's like we've been waiting so long for our DH's to come home and now that we have them (almost) we have to adj to not having friends. well not like normal where we'd be hanging out eating dinner together so we don't have to sit at home alone. anyways enough of that glimpse into a military wives life...on to other things.

i've casted off the 'not so' surprise and now i'm knitting up a second bottom for added stability to the bag....i'll post pix next time! it's going to look good if it turns out how i think.....hopefully that will work! LOL well gotta jet sorry for the ranting and whining.... but it's my blog and i'll cry if i wanna LOL